Tuesday, August 29, 2017


This is coolbert:

Indeed. This is the weapons system the Israeli have in mind when they consider the susceptibility of their nation to Hezbollah missile and rocket artillery attack?

The Fateh-110 family of missiles!

"Fateh-110 . . .  is a single-stage solid-propellant, surface-to-surface missile [SSM] with at least a 200 km [125 miles] range, and it is produced domestically within Iran . . . including the solid fuel propellant. Iran successfully flight tested the final version of the Fateh-110 in September, 2002. Several weeks later in mid-September 2002 the Aerospace Industries Organization opened a plant to mass-produce the Fateh-110. The initial range of the missile was 200 km [125 miles] but in September 2004 it was announced that it had been extended to 250 km [156 miles] and if needed it could be increased further. Fateh-110 has a range of 300 km [188 miles] in its fourth generation which was unveiled in 2012."

Additionally that newest and greatest Iranian SSM part of the Fateh family the Fateh-313. Possessing longer range and very advanced guidance system. Allowing attack of point targets.

"A point target is: A target of such small dimension that it requires the accurate placement of ordnance in order to neutralize or destroy it."

Fateh 313 apparently having extended range AND A VERY HIGHLY ADVANCED GUIDANCE SYSTEM. On paper at least the Fateh presumably CAN attack point targets at long-range.

"Guidance system - - Inertial, global navigation satellite system and electro-optical terminal. Accuracy less than 10 meters in Fateh-313 [at a range of 313 miles/500 kilometers]"!

One Fateh, two Fateh, three Fateh more! And all deadly.


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