Sunday, August 27, 2017


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Having seen some images of weapons equipped with a sighting mechanism of which I am unfamiliar. The reflex sight. Also with with the final word.

Israeli ground troops under-going close-quarters-combat training and using the reflex sight.

This woman of the Caracal mixed gender Israeli battalion wielding a Tavor assault rifle with the reflex sight.

Regarding the reflex sight here with the comments of an acknowledged weapons expert:

"The reflex or holographic sights take the impossible burden out of aimed shooting:  focusing the human eye on three things located at varying distances away.  The rear sight, front sight, and the target have to be focused on by the shooter's eye to be perfectly aligned for a successful shot, using the old iron sights.  It is truly impossible because the eye can only focus on one of those at a time.  We are taught to focus only on the front sight while the rear sight and the target are a blur--somewhat aligned with the front sight, but a blur nonetheless.  A most inefficient and inaccurate way to do things, but the best compromise.  That works fine for practice and to some extent for competition shooting. However, most find it hard not to look directly at the enemy who is about to kill you-- that focuses not just the mind, but the eye, on pending doom."

"With the reflex red dot (or the red dot inside the red ring as in the EOTech style sights), one looks at the target in full focus and the red dot, also in focus.  There is no need to line up a front and rear sight; whatever the red dot is on is where the bullet--if the weapon is properly sighted in--will go.  Further, it doesn't matter where or how the shooter holds the gun: if he can see the dot on the target,  proper trigger pull will send the bullet there.  Thus, the gun can be improperly shouldered (or not at the shoulder at all), the head canted left or right, and/or the eye relief varying.  It won't matter; if the shooter can see the dot on the target, he shoots knowing that is where the bullet will go as long as he has a round under the hammer."

. . . .

"I have to say, the red dot reflex sights are the greatest invention for close quarter combat since the invention of the Gladius [Roman short sword]. And the 'red dot inside a ring' found on the EOTech reflex sights is the best of the red dot developments, allowing an even quicker shot by simply seeing the target in the red ring when a red dot alone is too small for a hurried, close range emergency shot."

And thank you acknowledged weapons authority!


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