Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This is coolbert:

I was vaguely aware such a system existed during the Cold War but might have thought all missiles and radar by now in the scrap heap. But not so!

Soviet/Russian anti-ballistic missile system! ABM!

As seen at the Russian Times [RT] Internet web site and extracted from same.

"Russia tests nuclear-tipped missile interceptor (VIDEO)"

"The Russian military has successfully tested a short-range ballistic missile interceptor designed to destroy incoming nuclear warheads with a nuclear explosion in the air. These missiles are used in Moscow’s anti-ballistic missile system."

"The A-135 ABM system protects Russia’s capital and its surroundings from a possible nuclear missile attack. It consists of phased-array radar, a command center, and launchers that release two types of interceptor missiles, the long-range 51T6 and the short-range 53T6."

A-135 that combination of radar and missiles!

Gorgon long-range. Gazelle short-range. A-135 limited to the protection of Moscow proper and surrounding environs.

In the operational ABM mode Gorgon carrying a one-megaton thermonuclear warhead. Gazelle a much smaller ten-kiloton atomic warhead [fission bomb]. Gazelle too a mobile system as can be seen in the video!


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