Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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Rise of the Machines a popular topic for blog entries now we have the final word on the subject? Computers, robots, drones, software becoming sentient, rebellious, wreaking havoc on all mankind! Exaggerated?

"There are two different concepts that are referred to as AI. There is the kind of AI that people have been developing for decades and that has, especially in the last decade, been having huge effects on society. That's the kind of AI Zuckerberg is talking about. Then, there's a Sci Fi notion of AI, sometimes called AGI (artificial general intelligence) that is a purely hypothetical construct. This kind of AI can improve itself, can create its own goals, can develop creative solutions to the problems it poses itself, and, in more apocalyptic scenarios, can unilaterally take actions that destroy all human life. That's what Musk is talking about," - - Michael L. Littman,  Professor of Computer Science at Brown University

From and with thanks to © Sputnik/ Sony Pictures Releasing CIS Tech [that image by Sony?]

"Apocalyptic Scenario of Artificial Intelligence Destroying Humans Exaggerated"

"The dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, in particular, the scenario in which it exterminates the humankind, are exaggerated, meanwhile, AI has already proved its ability to improve human life and will continue to do so, experts in the field told Sputnik."

Strictly hypothetical! Of course! Nothing to worry about! Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong! Can you dig it?

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