Monday, August 14, 2017

DPRK Nuke.

This is coolbert:

Here with an entire index of articles from various sources as pertinent to the North Korean missile and nuclear crisis. For your perusal:

1. "N Korea Says It's 'On Standby To Launch' - Warns Trump
Of 'Tragic Doom' For The US"

2. "Trump Tells NK It Will 'Regret It Fast' If It Hits Guam"

3. "N Korea Says 3.5m Volunteers 'Ready To Fight US'"

4. "North Korea Issues 'Emergency Standby Orders' To Civil Defense Units: Report"

5. "Does Kim Jong-Un's Strategy Make Sense?"

6. "How US Would Wage Nuclear War Against North Korea"

7. "Can US Attack North Korea And Claim ‘Self Defense’?"

8. "Why War With North Korea Is Unlikely"

Kim and the North Korean leadership [a family business] has a very bad habit of pushing things, causing provocation with intent that is not needed. And the North Korean for DECADES has had the carrot and stick approach used by various nations in an effort to ameliorate the situation without success.

Kim this time has made calculations that will backfire on him? One wrong step and the consequences for everyone in the region are dire!


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