Thursday, May 3, 2018


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So much of this recently. German military unpreparedness in the extreme so it seems. Disastrously so even!

"Only 4 of Germany’s 128 Eurofighter Typhoon jets ‘ready for combat’ – report"

"Just four out of 128 Eurofighter jets operated by the German Air Force are ready to fly real combat missions due to dysfunctional self-defense systems and lack of air-to-air missiles, Spiegel magazine has revealed."

"Spiegel’s Wednesday report said the problem with a critical device installed in the tips of the jet’s canard delta wings makes most of German Eurofighters unfit for service."

Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) is to blame. To properly under DASS read the whole article.

These Fifth Generation MRCA [multi-role combat-aircraft] expensive to begin with. Hard also to maintain. One little glitch and you are down or at least amber.

German military preparedness woefully inadequate. The welfare states takes precedent. Guns and butter and all that. Not enough money for the former if more needed for the latter.

The ability of the German to execute combat role as pursuant to NATO mission highly suspect? See previous blog entries as germane:


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