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Gas WW1.

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From a recent visit to the National World War One Museum and Memorial a blog entry dedicated to a special exhibit highlighting the use of poison gas during the Great War [WW1]. Of great interest the famous painting on display "Gassed" by John Singer Sargent. Click on all images to see an enlarged view.

Without further ado or commentary:

"Gassed by John Singer Sargent is currently not on display at IWM [Imperial War Museum] London. It is on tour to various institutions in North America and will return to IWM North in late 2018. image: A side on view of a line of soldiers being led along a duckboard by a medical orderly. Their eyes are bandaged as a result of exposure to gas and each man holds on to the shoulder of the man in front. One of the line has his leg raised in an exaggerated posture as though walking up a step, and another veers out of the line with his back to the viewer. There is another line of temporarily blinded soldiers in the background, one soldier leaning over vomiting onto the ground. More gas-affected men lie in the foreground, one of them drinking from a water-bottle. The crowd of wounded soldiers continues on the far side of the duckboard, and the tent ropes of a dressing station are visible in the right of the composition. A football match is being played in the background, lit by the evening sun." - - The Imperial War Museum.

Original battlefield sketch art.

Original battlefield sketch art. 

English soldier from the period as in in proper uniform and masked, protection from poison gas. Face mask with filter in musset sack worn over chest, complete with connection hose. Forgive the quality of the image. Hard to take a suitable image, lighting and display in case make for a hard combination, photography difficult.

Poster from the era of the Second World War.

Poster from the era of the Second World War.

Poster from the era of the Second World War.

Additionally and included at my discretion thanks to the tip from Mann JESUS on the cross wearing gas mask. Very intense. This was not part and parcel of the special museum exhibit but should have been.

I recommend highly without qualification or reservation a visit to the National World War One Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Superb, exceptional in all regards and plan to dedicate a full day for an in-depth and meaningful visit.


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