Thursday, May 10, 2018

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From the book "WAR on the EASTERN FRONT" by James Lucas.

As describing a display of military tactics and as witnessed by Hitler prior to World War Two.

"The few professional officers who did join the SS brought with them new ideas of tactics which had been considered revolutionary by the Army commanders. One of the most successful innovators was Felix Streiner who abolished barrack square drill and replaced it with training using live ammunition. His regiment Deustschland astounding Hitler in the spring of 1939 with the new tactics which he had designed were demonstrated. Hitler, who had been searching the ground with his binoculars, asked when the attack was about to begin, only to be told by Steiner that it had been in progress for twenty minutes. Then there appeared within storming range of the objective small groups of assault troops moving rapidly and easily forward, almost undetected, not pausing or allowing themselves to be pinned down by fire. This demonstration group of Deutschland Standarte had been advanced a distance of three kilometers in less than twenty minutes, but had still arrived at the objective so fresh that they could fight a close quarter battle using hand grenades, demolition charges and machine pistols in place of rifles."

"The German Infantry Squad in Action - A Demonstration of minor field Tactics"

Tactics now referred to as fire and movement. Not so innovative or novel as was understood by Steiner or other professional officers of the period. Was thought to be too complex to be taught to and mastered by novice soldiers and also delegated too much responsibility to non-commissioned officers at the rank of sergeant and corporal. But that video indicative of what Hitler saw?


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