Sunday, May 20, 2018

Su-57 Six.

This is coolbert:

In the nutshell!

From Sputnik and the original article by Tyler Rogoway courtesy The Drive:

"US Analyst Describes Six Most Impressive Aspects of Russia’s Su-57"

"US defense journalist Tyler Rogoway illustrated six points about Russia’s 'misunderstood' Su-57 that people may not know."

Those six points to include: [I hardly think totally inclusive]

* . . . "side-mounted active electronically scanned array X-band radars"

* . . . "advanced 101KS ‘Atoll' infrared search and track sensors"

* . . .  [able to] "fire modulated laser beams at an incoming missile's seeker"

* . . . "well-suited for taking off and landing from rugged airfields"

* . . . "engines . . . capable of 3D thrust vectoring"

​* . . . "internal weapons bay"


* Infra-red sensors for detection of enemy warplanes and missiles.

* Laser capable of defeating enemy infra-red guided missiles.

* Internal weapons bay critical for stealth.

Formidable without question in all regards!


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