Sunday, October 22, 2017


This is coolbert:

From Freeper the German Navy unable to put to sea A SINGLE SUBMARINE!

A problem it seems without amelioration!

"Germany's entire submarine fleet is now out of action"

"BERLIN (AP) — All of Germany's six submarines are out of action, and the country's defense minister isn't happy about it. The Kieler Nachrichten newspaper reports that four U-boats are being serviced in boatyards while two others are waiting for a berth. Asked how Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen views the temporary loss of the underwater fleet, her spokesman said Friday that 'this is obviously not a good situation.' Jens Flosdorff told reporters in Berlin that 'we would hope the mission readiness was higher, but sometimes with technology the devil is in the detail.'"

That "turn-around" time from when a boat enters the boatyard for servicing until ready for combat mission sometimes very long, years even. AND THE SERVICING PROCESS NOT CHEAP!

Germany during the period prior and during the Second World War able to produce over one-thousand U-Boats in all types and variations!!

OH, perhaps Chancellor Angela Merkel can persuade Donald Trump to detail a SINGLE American atomic submarine to patrol the Baltic. There you have a solution to the problem. OH YES!


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