Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

Bad goes to worse and then some? Could even have been anticipated!

Thanks to Freeper and the original article at Breitbart.

"amok 1 :in a violently raging, wild, or uncontrolled manner. 2 in a murderously frenzied state."

"Iraqi Invasion: Looting, Arson Triggers Exodus of 100,000 from Kurdish Kirkuk"

"Kurdish authorities estimate that 100,000 people have fled Kirkuk, Iraq, this week, formerly under control of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) but now lost to the Baghdad government and its Iran-backed Shiite militia allies. Kurds fleeing Kirkuk—a multi-ethnic city heavily reliant on its vast oil resources—say Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fighters are looting, burning houses down, and attacking Kurdish citizens."

Iraq possessing the second [??] largest proven oil reserves in the world. Oil fields around Kirkuk important but not so absolutely critical to Iraqi petroleum production?

Atrocity as perpetrated by Iraqi Shia  militia if indeed occurring only exacerbating a very tense and difficult situation. Anyone have an answer?


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