Saturday, October 28, 2017

MB Egypt.

This is coolbert:

Here begins an entire series of blog entries, extracts and commentary from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter. Some portions of which very relevant to other very recent posts to the blog.

1. "Muslim Brothers armed cell commits massacre of 58 Egyptian policemen?"

21 October.

"An armed group of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood was reported to have waylaid an Egyptian convoy heading for its oasis hideout on Friday and murdered 58 policemen. The only survivors were 14 injured men.

"DEBKAfile's . . . sources have gleaned information that points to a merciless massacre . . . [the Hazm] set up an ambush and before the police convoy of four SUVs reached the hideout, dozens of wanted terrorists opened up with heavy machine guns, recoilless grenades and mortars, and detonated roadside bombs. The carnage was devastating."

2. "Egypt declares three-month emergency after Muslim Brotherhood mass terror attack"

22 October.

"The stunning attack on the elite Egyptian force Friday, killing 58 troops, revealed for the first time the scale and spread of the Muslim Brotherhood's armed underground Hasm's [Hazm] deadly operations in Egypt. Until now, only a few isolated cells had been suspected. Egyptian's intelligence and security agencies had no notion that Hasm [Hazm] had developed a wide-reaching terrorist infrastructure"

Hazzam or Hazm the fighting arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and having regional reach! These guys never heard of before, at least in Egypt. That level of sophistication to conduct such an attack indicative of a high degree of weaponry usage and para-military sophistication that must be quite worrisome to the government of Al-Sisi.


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