Friday, October 6, 2017


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War games DACT. Dissimilar Air Combat Training.

Herewith a smattering [?] of instances the Eurofighter in DACT exercises was able to best American warplanes. Either an American F-15 or a F-16 in mock combat downed!!

* "In 2005, a trainer Eurofighter T1 was reported to have had a chance encounter the previous year with two U.S. Air Force F-15Es over the Lake District in the north of England. The encounter became a mock dogfight with the Eurofighter allegedly emerging 'victorious'."

* "In the 2005 Singapore evaluation, the Typhoon won all three combat tests, including one in which a single Typhoon defeated three RSAF F-16s"

* "In July 2007, the Indian Air Force fielded the Su-30MKI during the Indra-Dhanush exercise with Royal Air Force's Typhoon [Eurofighter]. This was the first time that the two jets had taken part in such an exercise . . . During the exercise, the RAF pilots candidly admitted that the Su-30MKI displayed maneuvering superior to that of the Typhoon but they had studied, prepared and anticipated this. The IAF pilots on their part were also visibly impressed by the Typhoon's agility in the air"

* "In 2010, during a DACT exercises over the Canary Islands involving USAF and Spanish Air Force units, two Spanish Typhoon engaged 8 F-15Cs from Lakenheath, UK. 7 F-15s were 'downed' while one managed to escape, with no loses for the Typhoons"

These exercises too according to my knowledge to an extent choreographed! From that time of initial contact the mock combat becomes more or less free-form?

ONLY [?] one man has flown both the Typhoon and the American F-22 Raptor. Found the planes their potentiality in combat to be ABOUT THE SAME!

"Aggressor" and "Top Gun" indeed were very good ideas and are now a world-wide phenomenon!!

And all for the better of everyone too!


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