Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saudi AF I.

This is coolbert:

AF = Air Force.

"pa·per ti·ger - noun - a person or thing that appears threatening but is ineffectual."

From the Internet Web site Strategy Page an index to a whole series of articles and forum the topic of which is the Saudi Air Force and their relative inability as a fighting force, top-gun state-of-the-art flying hardware in abundance notwithstanding.

1. "The Royal Saudi Air Force - A Paper Tiger, Minus the Tiger"

"The Royal Saudi Air Force couldn't fight (or fly) it's way out of a wet paper bag. They spent a whole lot of money on 72 new F-15S's, but have a ..."

2. "Attrition: Saudi Arabia Destroys The Yemen Air Force"

"Apr 2, 2015 ... In late March Saudi Arabia destroyed the Yemeni Air Force How that came to be is a strange tale indeed Saudi Arabia began air strikes against ..."

3. "Leadership: Why the Saudi Air Force Will Still Suck"

"Nov 17, 2005 ... Saudi Arabia is out shopping for new warplanes Since Saudi Arabia has the money to buy the best stuff out there, warplane manufacturers are ..."

4. "Murphy's Law: Why Arabs Need Their Foreign Mercenaries"

"Mar 17, 2011 ... March 17, 2011: Saudi Arabia recently bought 72 Typhoon jet fighters from ... they are considered marginally better than other Arab air forces."

5. "Misconceptions about the Royal Saudi Air Force as well as musings."

"please excuse my spelling and grammar, English is a third language to me) First of all regarding the lack of capable Saudi air craft maintenance ..."

6. "How hard to invade Saudi?"

". . . the Saudi air force scored several air-to-air kills against Iraqi fighters during Desert Storm without losing any or just one or two planes ..."

Perspectives of the Saudi air force in all cases harsh, cynical, skeptical!


More to follow.


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