Sunday, October 29, 2017


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KRG = Kurdish Regional Government.

Barzani = The ruling government official [KRG] of the Kurdish autonomous or semi-autonomous region.

Anbar province as shown  in the image accompanying this blog entry in red.

Concluding from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter.

Iraqi Shia militia now targeting [?] Anbar province. That area in red on the map of Iraq the population of which is predominantly Sunni. The heavy hand of the Iraqi central government want to exercise authority and perhaps using proxies at the command of the Iranian to do so?

1. "Kurdistan's Barzani faces ouster. Iraqi army poised to seize KRG airfields"

26 October.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi announced on Thursday, Oct. 26 that his army had embarked on a new operation to liberate the western Anbar province from the Islamic State."

"Sources in Baghdad report that the US Air Force went into action to support the Iraqi army, although it is accompanied, as ever, by Shiite militias under direct Iranian command."

"The scenario unfolding in the Anbar campaign sounds like the set-up which led up to the operation against Kurdistan ten days ago. Then, too, Baghdad claimed its forces were massing for an attack on ISIS in Anbar. Instead, they suddenly turned around and landed a blow on the Sunni Kurds and Kirkuk."

2. "Kurdistan's Barzani faces ouster. Iraqi army poised to seize KRG airfields"

26 October.

"Iraqi airborne forces are meanwhile standing by to be flown in and dropped on the air fields of the two main Kurdish towns, Irbil and Suleimeniyeh as well as seizing Kurdistan's external border crossings with Iran, Turkey and Syria. In Irbil, there is talk of the KRG President Masoud Barzani's imminent resignation."

I was not even aware the Iraqi possessed any sort of airborne capability as that term normally, generally and commonly understood. These units are parachutists [air-drop], heliborne [air-mobile] or air-lift [fixed wing transport]? Of this I am unsure.


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