Tuesday, October 31, 2017

EU Army.

This is coolbert:

As extracted from the Internet web site of the English Express the subject again the European army.

A consolidated force beyond the current NATO mission.

Authorities at the highest level of the European community now stressing the NEED for such an army. AND that need NOW!

1. "Donald Tusk wants EU army THIS YEAR ‘to defend borders from migrants and hostile states'

"DONALD Tusk [President of the European Council] is pushing to set up an EU army by the end of the year to protect the bloc’s borders and fight back against 'de-stabilization around Europe'”.

2. "REVEALED: Shock strategy Brussels will use to LURE member-states into EU army"

"A GERMAN MEP [Mr. Leiner, Member of the European Parliament] has outlined how the EU will push through its plans to build its own army - by encouraging member states to 'save money' by handing over control of military affairs."

Donald his perspective is that the European community needs a united and consolidated military force as a bulwark against terrorism and illegal/migratory immigration. KEEP THE UNWANTED FOREIGNER OUT!

Mr. Leiner [MEP] sees this as a cost saving measure. Sure! A common warplane, a common tank, a common assault rifle [or an assault rifle firing a common ammunition at least], a common uniform, etc. SAVE MONEY AS APPEALS TO THE TAXPAYER.

Less money spent on defense is that much more money to spend on the welfare in all manifestations,.

NO U.S. or Canada? And already the Europeans will no meet their agreed upon percentage [2 % of Gross Domestic Product] as devoted to NATO expenses.

Donald Tusk is asking for smoke and mirrors. Donald is serious but will his message be heard?


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