Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

Iranian yes? American no?

"Iranian General Helped Iraqis Seize Kirkuk From U.S. Allies"

"A few days after the Trump administration announced a new, get-tough approach to Iran, one of that country's top military commanders and the armed Shiite militias he supports played a key role in the seizure of an important Iraqi city from the U.S.-backed Kurds, according to Iraqi, Kurdish and American officials."

"Former U.S. national security officials told NBC News the Iranian-brokered seizure of oil-rich Kirkuk by the Iraqi government and its militia partners, which heightens the risk of civil war, amounts to an embarrassing strategic blow to the U.S. at the hands of Iran."

"'It is a catastrophic defeat for the United States and a fantastic victory for Iran's Revolutionary Guard, proving that Qassem Soleimani gets his way once again,' said Ali Khedery, a former senior adviser on Iraq policy in the Bush and Obama administrations."

Iraqi National Army + Iraqi Shia militia. That latter beholden to and acting at the behest of the Iranian, directed personally [?] by Soleimani. Shia militia the "cat's paw".



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