Sunday, January 27, 2019


This is coolbert:

Also from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter the Iranian intention in Syria as American forces depart from the area per the plan of the Trump administration made most clear.

American troops will not be allowed in a manner without being harried constantly. Chased and constantly set-upon is the hope of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

"Soleimani primes pro-Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq for terror attacks on exiting US forces"

19 January.

"Iran's Mid East commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani has devised a plot to force US troops not just to leave Syria but to be thrown out of US bases in Iraq as well. That is one track of his triple strategy."

A triple strategy to consist of:

* "One is the deployment of 10,000 Iraqi Shiite militia on the Syrian border."

* "The second is the creation of liaison hubs for the Iraqi PMU militiamen to coordinate militarily with the Arab tribes of eastern Syria. They will set up squads for engineering terrorist operations against the US troops heading out of Syria."

* "For the Al Qods chief's third track Tehran is planting [settling] Shiite communities from Iraq and families of the Afghan and Palestinian Shiite militias imported to fight for Assad in Syrian villages and townships located along the Damascus-Beirut highway"

Saigon, 1975, deja vu all over again? That is what the Iranian prays and hopes for. But will not get?


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