Monday, January 28, 2019


This is coolbert:

What makes the world go round?

Once more from WIZARD through Harry at Sharkhunters items of interest:

"DAPPER DIVERS – When British Navy chiefs asked submariners what would improve their morale, higher pay and better equipment topped the list. But the sailors also suggested a cheaper option likely to catch the eye of top brass: allowing them to wear their classic white roll-neck jumpers more often. At the moment, crews can only don the traditional knitwear when at sea, but the sailors want the rules relaxed so they can wear the sweaters on shore, too."

"TERRIBLE! INHUMANE! – Senior British officers have risked upsetting troops stationed 8,000 miles from home with a new ban on inappropriate pictures of naked women on the walls of their barracks! Troops in the Falklands had plastered their rooms - in some cases, every inch of walls and ceilings - with pictures of naked, topless, and scantily clad women torn from the pages of magazines and newspapers."

Haute couture English style. As for the "naked, topless, and scantily clad" be careful not to upset the visiting dignitaries.


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