Sunday, January 20, 2019


This is coolbert:

From the controlled [?] Russian media outlet Sputnik a very dull, repetitive and misleading headline

"More Bang, More Buck: US Considers Adding ICBM Interceptors to F-35"

"In all likelihood, adding more bells and whistles to the F-35 can only make its $1.5 trillion program price more expensive, while experts have questioned if the plan is even realistic."

"The Pentagon's top research official is mulling whether to add air-to-air interceptors to the F-35's weapons arsenal in order to give the stealth fighters anti-ballistic missile capabilities, a new report says."

F-35 a POSSIBLE mission of missile interceptor but ONLY indirectly so.

The sensors of the F-35 have a POTENTIAL anti-missile capability. Those highly advanced sensors as embedded in the F-35 able to detect and track the boost-phase launch of an ICBM, providing to GROUND BASED anti-ballistic-missiles of the THAAD variety valuable data essential to a successful intercept.

This very topic as was discussed in a previous blog entry:

Please Sputnik, do not be so alarmist or misleading. Stick to reality and watch your headlines.


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