Thursday, February 7, 2019


This is coolbert:

CAT = Counter-measure Anti-Torpedo. CAT.

Thanks to several sources and in order chronological order Internet articles the topic which is the U.S. Navy anti-torpedo torpedo. Image courtesy of Roy Lichtenstein.

1. "Navy Develops Torpedo Killing Torpedo"

"The Navy has taken its first steps to develop a weapon designed to intercept and destroy guided enemy torpedoes immune to U.S. countermeasures"

2. "The Navy Is Quietly Arming Its Supercarriers With Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes"

"The growing threat of submarine attacks on US carriers is being partially addressed by a close-in weapons system that shoots back at incoming torpedoes."

3. "The Navy Is Ripping Out Underperforming Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes From Its Supercarriers"

"After more than five years of testing, the system still hasn't proven it can reliably spot incoming threats or destroy them."

First the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now gone and all in five years. Back to the drawing board. At least better now than during a future conflict to find the system DOES NOT WORK!!


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