Tuesday, February 19, 2019


This is coolbert:

His Grace would not be pleased?

From the Internet web site of Archbishop Cranmer we have this item of interest. A heritage the topic of which is the Great War [WW1].

But not so totally inclusive?

"Worcester Cathedral hosts heritage event – Methodists not welcome"

"On 4th December [2018] Worcester Cathedral is hosting an educational heritage event"

"In line with the 2018 commemoration of the end of the First World War, Worcester Cathedral Education Department is holding ‘The Great War: Then and Now,’ a lecture and tour event on Tuesday 4th December. This afternoon event will include a talk entitled ‘Armistice and After: The Consequences of the Great War for Europe and Beyond,’ a lecture on the poetry of the trenches, and an introduction to a new Cathedral audio tour based around the theme of war poetry. This will be followed by a special tour of the cloister windows of remembrance. Tea and coffee will be provided."

As to why those of the Methodist faith not allowed you need to read the entire entry.

This is the type of remembrance and heritage event, a history course in miniature so to speak, those undergraduates at Stanford University need to attend?

Indeed, material for blog entries can be found at the most unusual places.


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