Tuesday, February 26, 2019


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The Pill! Morning after contraceptive as described. A day in the life of a condom salesman.

From the Israeli Ynet Internet web site material at least to some extent pertains to the Israeli mixed-gender combat units Caracal.

1. "Women soldiers to have free access to 'morning after' pills"

"In order that cost not be a factor when considering contraception following unprotected sex, a special hotline will offer free, instant prescriptions for female IDF recruits."

2. "Former Gaza Division head: When female fighters train, base's condoms run out"

A months supply of condoms sold in a day when Caracal is in town?

"An inquiry by Yedioth Ahronoth finds Col. (res.) Jonathan Baranski's claim to be, in fact, antithetical to the truth; he says that female fighters aren't needed; a female officer in Caracal: 'Remarks of this kind are made to sabotage the integration of women in the IDF.'"

And the Israeli army Caracal mixed-gender combat units is primarily in the mind of mind of military planners when considering contraceptives for the troops? Read prior blog entries the subject the Caracal battalions:





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