Sunday, February 24, 2019


This is coolbert:

On-time and on-target. Electronic scoring. RBS! Constant high-level of challenge.

Radar bomb scoring. Used as the Skyspot system in Vietnam for live war-time missions.

The film footage is dramatic and well-done. That narrator is a real Air Force Lieutenant Colonel? Seems to be too professional? RBS hardly a passive system as noted. Simulations include potential adversary active measures of the electronic variety. Approaching/outgoing American bomber warplane flight crews functioning under stress during a routine [?] mission, not a milk-run.

Not a real bomb released. Understand that. Strictly notional. As would be during an actual mission but no actual ordnance dropped.

Strategic Air Command [SAC]and Tactical Air Command [TAC] warplanes [F-111 retired as of 1996] aircraft shown both use the RBS ranges. SAC and TAC now incorporated into Air Combat Command.

"The tone we hear today may be tomorrows reality." NO! Constant readiness and the will to use force means that atomics will NOT be used.


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