Tuesday, February 5, 2019

3G2 II.

This is coolbert:

Signs! Signs! Everywhere a sign!


3G2 warfare Brazilian style! A threat the new President of Brazil will have to deal with. Street gangs having that correct combination of numbers, weapons, organization and money additionally possessing an incredible degree of ruthlessness! An internal security threat that cannot be ignored!

Courtesy the Internet web site Small Wars Journal and the article by John P. Sullivan, Robert J. Bunker and José de Arimatéia da Cruz.

Brazilian 3G2 gangs destroying or damaging critical infrastructure in an effort to intimidate governmental authority.

"Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 12: Brazilian Prison Gangs Attack Civil Infrastructure in Fortaleza and Other Cities in Ceará State"

"This attack sequence once again not only demonstrates the willingness of criminal gangs individually to directly confront the state in order to maintain territorial control (both in prisons and on the streets) and retain freedom of movement but also collectively ally against it for their mutual benefit via a unified front. Such crime wars are representative of the pressure the liberal democratic order is actively facing from rampant criminality due to a lack of economic opportunities, wholesale disenfranchisement of youth, and corruption eroding state institutions. This dysfunctional mix is increasingly fueling the rise of populism and authoritarianism. Together these factors are a chilling proposition since the confluence of power and profit waged by these ‘third generation gangs (3 GEN Gangs)’ results in what amounts to a ‘criminal insurgency’ as these gangs marshal political and criminal power to wage ‘crime wars’ against the state."

"Don't mess with us. Let us control the prisons and do our work [drug dealing] or else! You are already seeing what can happen! Beware!"

The message from the gangs to the governmental authority crystal clear.


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