Sunday, February 10, 2019


This is coolbert:

Nothing new under the sun? But in the nuclear-age you have to stop and think about things for a while?

More US Navy stuff thanks to Sputnik and the tip from Jay:

"US Admiral Wants To 'Push First' Against Russian Ships - Reports"

"Washington has sent several ships to the Black Sea following an incident in the Kerch Strait, when Russian border patrol boats forcibly stopped several Ukrainian military vessels that had violated the Russian maritime border and refused to follow the patrol's orders. The commander of the US Navy, Admiral John Michael Richardson, has come up with an unexpected suggestion in terms of proactive measures to counter Russia in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Newsweek reported. When asked at the Atlantic Council in Washington on 6 February about the strategy against 'perceived aggressions' from Russia, Richardson reportedly suggested that instead of responding to Moscow's actions, the US should actually 'push first' in a number of areas."

Traditionally naval commanders at sea and especially during the time of sail always given a great degree of discretion in performing their mission. Threats as perceived or actually as manifesting can be met with force and WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OF HIGHER COMMAND AUTHORITY communications as slow as it was at the time. Again, delegated authority and independent decision making a must for the naval commander.

As it was in the past so is it now?


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Richard said...

Why should we have ships in the Black Sea at all?