Thursday, February 21, 2019


This is coolbert:

From the Wall Street Journal a book review.

"Books Bookshelf"

"‘Long Shot’ Review: Triggering a Revolution"

"A memoir by an Iranian deserter [Azad Cudi] turned Kurdish sniper who picked off 250 Islamic State fighters during the battle of Kobani."

"He fought with great distinction. In the city of Kobani, site in 2014-15 of what may be remembered as the battle that arrested Islamic State’s expansion, he spent months punching holes in the walls of abandoned houses so he could peek out and shoot ISIS fighters in nearby buildings. He killed about 250 of them in total, he says. The number is high but plausible."

"The number is high but plausible." YES! Consider the great snipers of the World War Two era. The Russian Zaitsev or the Finn Hayha. Three-hundred plus kills in the case of the former and five-hundred plus kills in the case of the latter!!

Azad by his own description wielding a Soviet SVD sniper rifle of rather ancient vintage [sixty years old design] but still very deadly!

It is not the gun itself but the man behind the gun that counts! Always has been and always will be.


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