Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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More material from the Internet web site of Archbishop Cranmer.

Once again the topic the Great War [WW1]. Personal comments and an appreciation of events from that period and the aftermath. All thanks to His Grace.

"Meditation and Reflection"

"Armistice 100: They shall not grow old…"

Read the whole article. And as extracted in entirety the last two paragraphs of special interest.

"Some carp that World War I was a national tragedy – a whole generation of our brightest and best lie buried somewhere on the long, long trail of trenches from Ypres to the Somme. Lions led by donkeys, they say, left hanging on the old barbed wire for vacuous notions of nationalism and crass pseudo-patriotism. Don’t believe them. That is the black and white caricature of futility. Don’t dignify their monochrome cynicism or prettify their one-dimensional pessimism with a second thought. Just be silent and perfectly still. Take time to study a coloured image of their joyous witness, and give thanks that that each and every one of them gave all their yesterdays so that we might have today, and our children and grandchildren can revel in a thousand tomorrows."

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"We live in colour because they died in black and white. And now that we can see them in hues of green and red, our judgment shows itself in a thousand greys of futility. Be not deceived: they did not die in vain; war is not futile. They are not here so that we might be; and in that being is their infinite and everlasting worth. We will remember them."

Within  context see a previous blog entry the pro and con, the Great War, was it worth it.


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