Monday, October 12, 2009

The China Connection!

This is coolbert:

"I still cannot comprehend that why are senegal and Libie, supporting this drug adduct [sic], murdering and raping animal??" - - anonymous.

My anonymous friend:

It is not only Senegal.

It is not only Libya.

It is China TOO!!

Bert was somewhat on the money with this one!? Smelled the coffee, but not exactly so!

The Chinese - - giving aid and comfort to the dictator, the despot, the just plain ordinary bad guy! Thanks in all instances here to the TimesOnline.

"China tightens grip on Africa with $4.4bn lifeline for Guinea junta"

"Chinese businesses in Angola have built roads and rehabilitated railways but their investments in rogue regimes across the continent is attracting criticism"

"Guinea, the world’s largest exporter of bauxite, also has huge deposits of uranium, iron ore, diamonds and a host of other minerals. It is also believed to have significant off-shore oil reserves."

"For years Guinea has been one of the most sinister regimes in West Africa. In recent years it has become a conduit for drug smuggling from Latin America to Western Europe, much of it believed to be organised by the young army officers now so reluctant to give up power."

If this was on the east coast of Africa, the Swahili Coast, that I could understand full well. That part of Africa is within traditional trading routes of the ancient Chinese Treasure Fleet. And is also part and parcel of the Chinese "String of Pearls" strategy.

Guinea is on the west coast of Africa and not a place traditionally having any contact with those from the Chinese cultural domain.

China is making a very determined and successful penetration of the African sub-Saharan continent?!

Africa is the land of the future? Resources, minerals, oil, diamonds, etc. BUT ONLY FOR CHINA!!?? The locals except for the dictator and his cronies at the top will see nothing!


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