Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missile Launchings?

This is coolbert:

Here are some interesting graphics and photos of what are described as "missile launchings"!

One by North Korea, the other by Iran.

NOT really "missiles" as the term is generally, ordinarily and commonly understood!

Rockets, rocket artillery, not possessing an internal on board-guidance system.

One photograph purportedly "doctored"!!

1. North Korea.

North Korean M1991 MLRS - - 240-mm.

This is the North Korean M1991 MLRS [multiple launch rocket system]?

"The M1991 MLRS is a more powerful version of the older M1985. It
has 22 launching tubes and fires the same 240-mm rockets . . . A
claimed maximum range of fire is 43 km."

2. Iran.


"IRAN: Doctored missile image?"

"The New York Times is reporting today on its The Lede: Notes on
the News blog that a photograph released by Agence France-Presse
AFP) of the Iranian missile launch Wednesday showed one too many

The original photograph as allowed by the Iranian authorities shows three "missiles" being launched, one "missile" apparently a misfire! The second released photo [doctored?] shows "four missiles" successfully fired!

These "missile" launchings make for good graphics and photos. UNLESS they go bad. Lots of flame, smoke, etc. Actually are impressive to watch. And in person I would think even more so.

Such "missile firings" are to impress and intimidate and contribute to "brinkmanship" and diplomatic "jostling", even if "misfires" occur?


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