Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is coolbert:

Don Wade and Roma, WLS - - 890, are talking this morning on the local listen-as-you-ride-to-work radio show.

Subject is Afghan and the vacillation of the President on the decision shortly to be made [?] whether or not to send more troops [40,000] to Afghan!

According to Don Wade:

The decision that was made this last February by the President to send an additional 17,000 troops HAS YET TO BE IMPLEMENTED!! NONE of those soldiers have yet to arrive in Afghan!! HOW MANY months is that and deployments so far are nada!

Infrastructure is so lacking in Afghan that there is no place to house the PROMISED FORCES THAT EVERYONE ALREADY PROBABLY ASSUMED ARE THERE AND ON THE GROUND!!

Well even the most casual of observers is here able to make an instantaneous, intuitive inference that is "spot-on"! If you NOW cannot accommodate the 17,000 promised troops that are supposed to be in the pipe-line, how will you be able to accommodate an additional 40,000 soldiers by next summer at the latest?


The supply routes - - logistic support - - to Afghan - - AND EVEN MORE SO WITHIN AFGHAN ITSELF, ARE TENUOUS AND DIFFICULT AT BEST! Increased troop presence, massive even, will only make a bad situation more dire!

"Lieutenants think tactics - - generals think logistics!"

How true! Mc Chrystal at this point has to have his thinking cap on - - and pronto!

[Don Wade and Roma have an abiding interest in the military. Their son Hunter is a career Marine officer and a pilot who has flown as a member of the Blue Angels.]


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