Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is coolbert:

There must be some astute reader to the blog that knows the answer to this question. Thanks in part here to Daniel Pipes and his web site.

Speaking previously of the jihadi and the remotely detonated bomb inserted the rectum, swallowed or surgically implanted, reminds me of the jihadist underware issue.

"Islamic militants going into battle or on suicide missions" must wear proper attire? Dress in a manner appropriate for one about to enter into paradise? With a great degree of specificity.

As was the case, perhaps, in the days JUST IN THE AFTERMATH OF 9/11. The detonation and destruction of the largest fertilizer factory in all of Europe. The French AZF plant. This was 21 September, 2001.

"AZF (French initialism for AZote Fertilisant, i.e. nitrogen fertiliser) was the name of a chemical factory near Toulouse, France, which exploded on 21 September 2001"

The AZF plant - - blown sky-high by a jihadi suicide bomber? A man, Jandoubi, the one believed to have caused the detonation, dressed in a very peculiar and troubling manner?

[it was never conclusively determined if Jandoubi set the blast off. He had been employed at the plant for only a few days. As if that makes a difference.]

"The autopsy revealed that Jandoubi was wearing two pairs of trousers and four pairs of underpants, which the coroner compared to what is worn by 'Islamic militants going into battle or on suicide missions.'"

Anyone have a handle on this? What is the significance of the "two pairs of trousers and four pairs of underpants"?

This is something particular to Islam and to the jihadi most of all?

In what way? Again - - anyone have a handle on this?


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