Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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Thanks to Bubbleheads from 2009 we have more on the MOST COMPLICATED THING made by man [the Astute class submarine]. That British Astute class attack submarine. A combat submersible that seems to be JINXED!

"jinx   — n  1. an unlucky or malevolent force, person, or thing"

I was aware of previous unfortunate episodes as was recently the case with the Astute, but this was a new one on me.

Previous incidents involving the Astute to include:

* Running aground.
* Having a mad man shoot up the inside of the warship.

And too FIRE!

Once more that danger of dry dock disaster seeming to be more of a hazard to the modern submarine than running submerged on combat patrol!

"Brit Sub Fire In Shipyard"

"BBC News is reporting that there was a fire onboard HMS Astute on Saturday; damage appears limited to the top of the sail."

Pay attention to the comments at the end of the blog entry. Many of them and very acerbic, informative in all cases.

Sailors of whatever nationality generally are VERY superstitious. Even in the modern age. NONE of these events even if trivial bodes well for the long term service of the Astute? Well, keep in the mind the USS Guitarro sank at dock EVEN BEFORE making a maiden voyage and yet saw thirty years of yeoman service!

Joel at Bubbleheads has not posted to the blog for some time. Anyone aware of what has happened to Joel? The man is by his own admission an esophageal cancer survivor.


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