Monday, February 25, 2013

Dog Lab?

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune only today:

"World briefing"

"Military to justify using animals in training"

"This week by order of Congress, the Pentagon must present lawmakers a written to plan phase out 'live tissue training," military-speak for slaying animals to teach combat medics how to treat severed limbs and gunshot wounds."

This is DOG LAB?

And training not just for combat medics? In particular, training for SPECIAL FORCES [SF] COMBAT MEDICS? A combat medic of a higher level of competence and proficiency. A combat medic more or less functioning as a licensed doctor and ABLE TO PERFORM SURGERY OF A BASIC BUT STILL VITAL NATURE.

Dog lab what it is called a legacy of SF training from way back when, even before the Vietnam War.

That one year SF combat medic course learning to perform basic surgery part of the curriculum and an obligatory PASS for graduation and certification.

Dog lab a dog anesthetized and shot with a firearm [type and caliber not know], the trainee demonstrating a proficiency to extract the bullet, repair internal damage, sew up and save the life of the canine!!

That representative from PETA seems to suggest or think that alternatives to this type of training are available? "it is wrong to harm animals for crude medical training exercises if modern and superior alternatives are available" - - Justin Goodman, PETA.

And WHAT exactly are those alternatives? This is not specified. Computer simulations perhaps?

Devoted readers to the blog should ask themselves if they would be willing to undergo surgery from a physician NOT actually having been trained and experienced with tutelage that operation on living "tissue and flesh" too great a risk to assume based upon computer simulations?

From this web site of the recently deceased SF officer Dan Marvin read "The Dog Lab at Fort Bragg". I believe this to be a true and and factual account of what occurred during SF combat medic training.


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