Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Richard III.

This is coolbert:

"and now Richmond, get ye to France!" Henry Tudor, the Earl of Richmond.
Richard has been found!!

Richard III the last King of England to die in battle, his remains after five hundred years have been found. This is a major news story and deservedly so.

From the Chicago Tribune today:

"Face of Richard III, England's "king in the car park", revealed"

"LONDON (Reuters) - With a large chin, a prominent slightly arched nose and delicate lips, the "face" of England's King Richard III was unveiled on Tuesday, a day after researchers confirmed his remains had finally been found after 500 years."

DNA testing confirming this is the remains of Richard, that sample as taken from the skeleton compared with the DNA of a cabinet maker a direct descendant of Richard's sister.

Richard again the last King of England TO HAVE DIED ON THE BATTLEFIELD. That mortal wound evidently several blows from an edged weapon to the head as confirmed by forensics.

That spinal column of Richard also severely deformed, scoliosis in the extreme!

Richard III his reign short, less than two years, the man not having a good press, reviled as a murderer and brute, a despot very guileful and amoral!

For those of you who have not seen the most recent cinematic adaption of the Shakespeare play: "Richard III" starring Sir Ian McKellen I recommend it highly without qualification. The setting 1930's England, Richard portrayed as a power-mad fascist!

And only from several years ago thanks to the Daily Mail that exact location [?] of the Battle of Bosworth now pinpointed with exactitude:

"Is this the field where Richard III lost his kingdom for a horse? Real location of Battle of Bosworth finally revealed after 500 years"

"Dug out of the ground after more than 500 years, this perfectly preserved tiny silver badge has finally pinpointed the exact site of the battle which decided the Wars of the Roses."

"The 1.5in decoration proved to archaeologists where the Battle of Bosworth had actually taken place and it was in a field a mile from where historians have always believed it happened."

That emblem, that badge of Richard THE WILD BOAR!

Richard III as is fitting for this station and rank to be re-buried with honors in the nearest consecrated ground. Even the vanquished NOW to rest in peace with honor after five hundred years!


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