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Hot off the presses. From the Internet web site favorably disposed to the Russian "South Front". Anti-radiation missiles the Ukraine Conflict once more.

The discovery and apparent use of American-made anti-radiation missiles in Ukraine fast becoming an international incident. This might be a casus belli for an escalation of the war? Sort of a Gulf of Tonkin II as was during the Second Indo-China war.

The perception of direct American/NATO participation in the Ukraine Conflict raising the ire of the Russian markedly. "USA you are killing our boys!"


"Having Russian troops directly targeted by NATO forces is pushing us to the brink of a world-ending conflict."

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst | 08.08.2022.

"Early last week, on August 2, the Russian Defense Ministry unequivocally accused the United States of being directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine. The statement followed remarks by a Kiev regime official who gave details of the Neo-Nazi junta’s direct cooperation with the US before the Kiev regime forces would launch attacks with NATO-provided HIMARS MLRS."

HIMARS and M777 howitzer + targeting data!


"Although US officials have been denying direct involvement in Ukraine, claiming that it’s supposedly limited to intelligence sharing and the so-called 'lethal aid', new disturbing reports have appeared, indicating that the US and NATO aren’t only providing their vast ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) capabilities to the Kiev regime, but they might be involved in the fighting as directly as they could possibly be. Multiple reports have surfaced that the remains of a US-made AGM-88 HARM (High-speed Anti-radiation Missile) have been found by Russian forces. AGM-88 is a tactical air-launched anti-radiation missile designed to home in on transmissions coming from air defense radar systems."

HARM as alleged by the Russian can only be launched from a warplane NOT in the current Ukrainian inventory!

From some comments to the article:

* HB_Norica |17 hours ago:

Reply to  Michel LeBlanc

"Air launched missiles rely on the aircraft carrying it for much of it’s kinetic energy through the speed of the aircraft and the altitude the weapon is dropped from. I would suspect that any ground based launched air to ground missile would be seriously limited in range and maneuverability."

"The most likely answer some NATO country like Poland has given Ukraine some Soviet era aircraft and unknown to the world the USA had them rigged up to fire HARM’s when east bloc nations joined NATO. They would be cheap disposable aircraft (as far as the Americans are concerned) used to go after air defesce radars and soak up a few SAM missiles before being killed."

* Michel LeBlanc | 22 hours ago: 

"It could be ground based versions developed by the Israelis. They're in it too."

HARM as launched ONLY from a NATO warplane NOT necessary so. See various URL's that describe a  ground-launch mode of operation:





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