Friday, August 19, 2022

12 Myronivska.

This is coolbert:

“The [Armed Forces of Ukraine] successfully hit an enemy headquarters, which was pointed out by a representative of the Russian mass media,” . . . “This time yesterday in Popasna, a Wagner PMC headquarters was destroyed by a well-aimed strike. The number of dead is being clarified.” | Hayday the Ukrainian provincial Governor Luhansk oblast.

Before there was 2nd Corps there was Wagner PMC Luhansk?

Sharp-eyed Ukrainian OSINT practitioner making the correct conclusions from open-source images the battlefield Ukraine.

"‘A well-aimed strike’ Ukrainian forces destroy Wagner Group headquarters in Luhansk region after pro-Kremlin war reporter reveals its location"

August 15, 2022 Source: Meduza

"Ukrainian forces have reportedly destroyed a military headquarters in Popasna belonging to Russia’s Wagner Group after a pro-Kremlin journalist revealed its location. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Hayday confirmed that Ukraine was behind the strike on Monday, August 15"


"Earlier, on Sunday, RFE/RL’s Radio Svoboda [Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty] reported that photos of the destruction from the strike had allowed journalists to pinpoint the location of the Wagner Group HQ as 12 Myronivska Street. Pro-Kremlin war correspondent Sergey Sreda revealed this same address in a since-deleted Telegram post on August 8, where he claimed to have visited the mercenary company’s Popasna headquarters at the same time as Prigozhin."

This Sergey the Russian had better quit his job and go into deep-cover or defect to the Ukrainian and fast. Wagner operators not going to be pleased with him. 

Thanks to Sergey OSINT did the Russians in. HQ of Wagner in the Ukraine Conflict gone.

Again, American HIMARS apparently used in the attack on Wagner HQ. Chickens come home to roost and do so fast when they do!


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