Monday, August 29, 2022


This is coolbert:

Here from the Binkov Internet web site everything you always needed to know about the deployment of the HIMARS rocket artillery system to the Ukraine battlefield.

See the two Binkov video and enjoy.

Aug 17, 2022.

"First HIMARS launchers have found their way to the battlefields in Ukraine. Are HIMARS systems really going to be a game changer? How are they used in Ukraine? And how might Russia respond to them?"

 Aug 19, 2022.

"This video is the second part of Binkov's coverage of HIMARS usage in Ukraine. It talks about the crucial role of targeting finding, which enables GMLRS usage in Ukraine. How big of a role does NATO play there?"

I doubt that HIMARS of itself is such a game changers as we might desire. It is a part of a much larger whole that if used judiciously can make a significant difference it can well be surmised.

Releasing for the ATCMS rocket artillery round [as can be fired from the HIMARS launcher] to the Ukrainian might be seen as even more important development. Able to hit targets in Crimea and wider afield [Russia]. Not without causing however a geopolitical stir of epic proportions causing a sequence of events to occur with consequences too terrible to contemplate.


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