Sunday, August 14, 2022


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"Pyrrhic victory: noun | a victory that is not worth winning because the winner has lost so much in winning it"

China/USA/Taiwan! War! War-gamers at work.

"War gamers predict America and Taiwan could beat China, but..."

From the story by JAZZ SHAW Aug 13, 2022. Original story Bloomberg?

 "I suppose this is a fairly smart thing to do after Nancy Pelosi threw a rock through the Chinese hornet’s nest. Dozens of military and intelligence officials are huddled in a room in Washington playing a series of hundreds of different war game scenarios. They are trying to estimate what will happen if China invades Taiwan and the United States steps in militarily to defend the island nation. The results thus far are something of a 'good news, bad news' prediction. In nearly every scenario they have tested thus far, our combined forces would eventually repel the Chinese invasion leaving Taiwan under the control of the current government. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the cost of fighting that war would be horrendous and it would almost certainly end up looking like a pyrrhic victory." (Bloomberg)

I highly recommend without qualification or reservation this article. Read the whole thing.

Pay close attention to the assumptions made.

Cost of such a war to include [and not mentioned] a possible total collapse of the WORLD ECONOMY as a result. Recall that a very significant percentage of micro-electronic semi-conductor integrated circuits absolutely essential for current high-technology products manufactured in Taiwan.

OTHER authorities hardly I think less reputable and knowledgeable with regard to a USA/China/Taiwan war suggest a less than FAVORABLE conclusion to such a war perhaps much to the detriment of the USA.

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