Wednesday, August 31, 2022


This is coolbert:

Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Do not consider this to be a war warning!

Consider this strictly an exercise? A test of concept and nothing more?

"British Begin Moving War Planes to CIVILIAN Airports"

Courtesy here the Internet web sit of HAL TURNER |  29 AUGUST 2022.

Airfield dispersal of warplanes during a time of crisis can be interpreted as an "war-warning" specific indicator of possible hostile action.

"Britain is preparing to station combat aircraft in civilian airports for the first time since World War II in response to the Ukraine conflict." 

"The dispersing of planes across the country will allegedly help the Royal Air Force’s rapid-response units survive attacks on their bases."

EGGS not all not in one basket so to speak!

"The Agile Combat Employment (ACE) scheme was initially intended for potential hotspots overseas, such as the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe."

"A trial next month will have Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35 jet fighters based in Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and Scotland 'scattered in small groups and based discreetly' in several regional airports with suitable runways."

A trial. An exercise. A proof of concept. Russians please do not interpret any of this in an alarmist manner as was the case with Proud Prophet or Able Archer from the era of the Cold War.


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