Wednesday, August 10, 2022


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Attack Krim! Russian airbase Crimea under attack. Damage done by assailants the identify of which has not been determined.

1. "Russian media blame 'saboteurs' for huge explosions in Putin-annexed Crimea which left one dead and five injured"

From the British tabloid "MAILONLINE" ^ | 9 August 2022 | TOM PYMAN the tip from Freeper.

"Eyewitnesses reported as many as 15 distinct explosions in Novofedorivka, Crimea, followed by a larger blast The explosions rocked a Russian held military airbase home to a variety of fighter jets and freight aircraft Airbase is located 130 miles [200 kilometers] from nearest Ukrainian-held region and Ukraine has not accepted responsibility"

2. "Daring Ukrainian special forces raid is revealed as cause 'behind explosion at Russian airbase in Crimea' as Zelensky vows to liberate the annexed peninsula while Russians FLEE in huge traffic jams"

By DAVID AVERRE and TOM PYMAN FOR MAILONLINE the tip from Freeper 10 August 2022.


"Ukraine's special forces were responsible [as alleged] for a series of deadly explosions which destroyed parts of a crucial Russian airbase in Crimea yesterday, killing one and injuring 14 according to a Ukrainian government official."

"Up to ten Russian aircraft were destroyed in the attack, the Ukrainian air force said, which an anonymous official told the Washington Post had been carried out by special forces – despite claims yesterday that long-range missiles could have been used."

Damage as done by: * Accidental detonation of stored munitions? * Saboteurs? * Missile strike? * Ranger/commando/Ukrainian special forces? * Drone attack?

Airbases far from the front lines of ground combat during wartime conditions often thought to be beyond danger with protective measures applied in a rather lax manner.


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