Saturday, August 6, 2022


This is coolbert:

“There are reasonable suggestions of intent, but they can only become reality once the investigative teams come in and check it properly”

Weapons depot Bulgaria goes sky-high. Deliberate sabotage by the "dark forces" of the Russian intelligence services suspected.

1. "Mystery blast at arms depot owned by survivor of 'Russian poisoning'"

From the story by Tim Stickings Aug 01, 2022.

"Emilian Gebrev supplied weapons to Ukraine and has faced numerous suspected Russian attacks

"A weapons dealer who survived a suspected Russian poisoning said one of his arms depots was hit by an explosion in Bulgaria, ringing alarm bells because of a history of mysterious attacks on his business."

"Emilian Gebrev, who has a record of supplying arms to Ukraine, said the blast caused an early-morning fire at an ammunition depot on Sunday, where weapons had been deposited due to unpaid orders. No injuries were reported."

2. "Arms dealer ‘100% sure’ Russian agents behind blast at Bulgarian depot"

From the story by Shaun Walker, 1 Aug 2022.

"Emilian Gebrev says explosion on Sunday is latest of repeated attacks against him by GRU operatives"

"A Bulgarian arms dealer who survived an apparent novichok poisoning in 2015 said he was '100% sure' that Russian operatives were behind an explosion and subsequent fire at one of his depots in the country on Sunday"

According to Mr. Gebrev: “To date, we have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. Since 2014, not a single military button has been exported to this destination for any reason. This is the most regulated activity,” 


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