Thursday, August 18, 2022


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“The Navy is being sucked into an operation they should never have been involved in. This is not their terrain – this is Home Office, Coastguard, Border Force terrain,” | Tobias Ellwood.

How the might Royal Navy [RN] has fallen. The "wooden walls" defending the English channel as in the days of yore long gone.

"UK Navy Reportedly To Relinquish Migrant Crisis Charge to Border Patrol as Crossings Double"

From | Yesterday (Updated: Yesterday) Aug 16 2022.

"In mid-January, it was announced that the UK military was to be put in charge of stemming the surging numbers of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats, taking over command of the operation from Border Force."

Here is what we are talking about. Stopping these putt-putt rubber dinghy water craft from crossing the English channel. Hardly the Spanish Armada.

"The Royal Navy will be handing operational control of the Channel migrant crisis back to UK Border Force officers"


"Operation Isotrope - a British military operation to assist the Border Force in responding to the rise in English Channel migrant crossings was first announced in January 2021. On 16 January 2022, it was reported that plans were being drawn up to place the Royal Navy in operational command of counter-migration operations, with the plans implemented in March . . . Royal Navy vessels designated for the role were some of the Batch 1 River class offshore patrol vessels and some smaller Archer class patrol vessels."

A law enforcement matter and not a national defense matter. Not what the RN designed to do and should not do. But nonetheless an indication of how far the RN has declined in the last one-hundred years!


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