Tuesday, August 30, 2022


This is coolbert:

If not the warplanes themselves, then the pilots!

Afghan pilots as trained by the USA to the rescue Ukraine? Fact is stranger than fiction?

See previous blog entry Afghan warplanes as were donated by the USA now seeing combat action the Ukraine Conflict.

From the Internet web site "South Front | 30.08.2022. First several paragraphs copied in entirety.


"According to recent reports, the US is recruiting Afghan pilots to fight in Ukraine. The objective would be to restore Ukrainian Air Force troops after the numerous casualties caused by Russian forces during the special military operation. With that, it remains evident that the US wants to prolong the conflict at all costs, even if it is necessary to sacrifice more and more lives."

"In a recent interview, an anonymous source from the US military and diplomatic circles informed Russian media that the Pentagon is running a secret training program for Afghan pilots who allegedly fled the Central Asian country with US forces after the Taliban took Kabul. The combatants would have fought alongside the American occupying troops, which is why they feared punishment from the Taliban government, and for that reason they received asylum in the US."

The "secret" program already in place location somewhere in California!

"South Front" quite brazenly and candidly very pro-Russian and also with an anti-American agenda.


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