Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Nancy I.

This is coolbert:

I see the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has visited Taiwan after all. Emerged unscathed.

Was warned by the Chinese not to do so. With numerous foreboding threats of a calamitous nature having been made repeatedly.

Threats ominous I had seriously thought something very bad WAS going to happen.

1. "China is doubling down on its warning of a possible military response if Pelosi travels to Taiwan"

The tip from John Haltiwanger August 1, 2022 original story Business Insider.

Key points and take away:

* "China on Monday reiterated the possibility of a military response if Pelosi visits Taiwan."

* "Pelosi hasn't confirmed she'll visit Taiwan, citing security concerns, but reports suggest she will."

* "Tensions between the US and China have skyrocketed in recent years, in part over Taiwan."

2. "White House warns China's response to a possible Pelosi trip to Taiwan could range from military exercises to firing missiles in the [Taiwan] Strait"

Also from Jake Epstein, John Haltiwanger August 1, 2022 original story also from Business Insider.

Key points and take away:

* "The White House said China could respond in various ways to a potential Taiwan trip by Nancy Pelosi."

* "NSC spokesperson John Kirby told reporters this could include firing missiles or military exercises, among other things."

* "China has repeatedly suggested that it could respond with military action if Pelosi visits Taiwan."

Indeed, the Chinese have "repeatedly suggested" action maybe and can be taken. Not only this time with the visit of Pelosi to Taiwan but on many occasions. As with the Russians, threats not followed-up on are not taken seriously. One day the Chinese WILL FEEL compelled to act.


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