Thursday, August 11, 2022


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More humiliation and egg-on-face for the Russian, the Ukraine Conflict!

"have egg on your face: If you have egg on your face, you look stupid because of something that you have done. Ashamed and embarrassed"

"UKRAINE WAR: Russia's Saki Air Base Blew Up and No One Knows How"

From BY STEPHEN GREEN AUG 11, 2022. 

Russian naval aviation airbase Crimea devastated. Warplanes on the ground destroyed. Cause of so much destruction unclear! Anywhere from nine to thirteen high-performance aircraft either completely gone or partially damaged.

"Russia’s Saki Air Base, safely tucked away 120 miles [about one-hundred ninety miles] or more behind the front lines, lost as many as 10 warplanes and various buildings in a series of explosions on Tuesday — but how it happened remains a mystery."

Already satellite overhead images of the airbase available for the perusal of the general public. Isn't just a wonderment that such technology so readily AVAILBLE to the average citizen. What was once only in the purview of a few persons in the highest echelons of the military and civilian command structure can now be seen more or less in real time by just about EVERYONE. Click on all images to see an enlarged view.

Revetment area Saki airbase with parked warplanes. Before the attack.

Same area AFTER the attack. Lots of scorching readily seen.

Saki Russian naval aviation airbase more less in entirety. 

So, what caused this catastrophe? Accidental detonation of stored munitions a strong possible. As it was at Bien Hoa airbase during the Second Indo-China war. Numbers of USAF aircraft fueled, armed, awaiting take-off destroyed while on the ground from a simple mishap. That sort of stuff does happen.

Tony at planesand suggests strongly a missile attack. Also a ground attack by Ukrainian special operations ranger/commando unit feasible and doable. A Pebble Island type mission as was during the Falkland Islands War.

Whatever the case the Russian has taken a big hit. As with the Moskva, so too with Saki.


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