Saturday, August 20, 2022


This is coolbert:

“'It is not Russia, but the liberal-globalist circles ruling in the U.S., U.K. and the E.U. that allow themselves to talk about the admissibility of lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons,' . . . 'We assume that the U.S. and NATO are aware of what the aggressive anti-Russian rhetoric with emphasis on the possibility of using nuclear weapons, which they themselves are ramping up, may lead into.'” | Russian foreign ministry spokesman Nechayev.

More menacing language the threat of atomic weapons! Intimations repeated more than a few times now.

"After Months of Russian Nuclear Bluster, Moscow Accuses the West of – Nuclear Bluster"

Story from by Patrick Goodenough | August 19, 2022.

"( – For months, top Russian officials have issued broad hints, in word or deed, about the potential use of nuclear weapons in the country’s standoff with NATO over Ukraine."


"Ivan Nechayev made the comments on the same day Russia’s defense ministry announced the deployment of fighter planes armed with the country’s nuclear-capable Kinzhal ('Dagger') hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad, the exclave of Russian territory bordering NATO allies Poland, Lithuania, and the Baltic sea."

Thoughts precede words. Words precede action. Action with regard to atomic weapons in whatever form will be found to be exceeding regrettable for all.


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