Monday, August 15, 2022


This is coolbert:

"You can't say civilization don't advance... in every war they kill you in a new way." - Will Rogers.

Out with the old, in with the new. Ukraine style.

"4 Weapons the War in Ukraine Is Proving Obsolete"

Thanks to "Popular Mechanics" | Kyle Mizokami August 11, 2022. Tip from

* "Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, now in its fifth month, is seeing new technologies replace old ones on the battlefield."

* "Trenches, howitzers, and even aircraft and tanks are facing serious challenges as the Russian and Ukrainian armies battle it out with one another."

* "Some weapons are clearly obsolete, while others, like tanks, will need to innovate to survive."

From a comment to the article:

* A remark by charles:

"In my 28 year career in the US Air Force, there was a tremendous amount of change. The author has many good points and it’s implicit that all technology and techniques can be badly employed by a poorly trained military. Russia has a poorly trained, poorly led military that would be defeated by a poorly equipped army that was well trained."

YES indeed. A poorly-trained, badly-led and uninspired military possessing even the latest technology is probably inferior to a well-trained, well-led and inspired foe not possessing the latest technology. Not necessarily the gun itself but more the man behind the gun. This is intuitively obvious?

Towed howitzers are out? It would make sense to those without the military background that a self-propelled weapon such as the German Panzerhautize 2000 would be more agile, able to move about quicker, provide a degree of protection to the gun crew and the gun itself. This is a topic not yet settled? I am not sure.


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