Sunday, August 28, 2022


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Drone warfare the Ukraine Conflict. Combat drones and designed as such and not field expedient type of combat drone.

"Taiwan delivers 'gift' to Ukraine – Bild"

"Taipei supplied hundreds of shell-dropping drones according to the German newspaper"

"Taiwan delivers 'gift' to Ukraine – Bild."

From Russian controlled [?] media RT dated 26 Aug, 2022.

"Ukraine received a gift of 800 drones to mark its independence day this week, which are designed to fly over targets and drop mortar shells on them, German tabloid Bild has reported."

See Taiwanese DronesVision Internet web site. 

"The present came from Taiwan, the newspaper said on its Russian-language social media on Thursday. The claim was widely repeated in Ukrainian media. The drones are made by the Taiwan-based firm DronesVision, which also makes anti-drone equipment. The Revolver model is a quadcopter design that carries a package of eight 60mm mortar shells weighing over 10kg [22 pounds], which can be released by the operator, according to the producer. The package looks like the rotating barrel of a revolver, giving the weapon its name."

Again, these machines not combat drones field-expedient as might be the case. Mortar rounds referred to as "bombs" in the rest of the world. This Drones Vision designs both drones and counter-drone technology. I would be curious to know if Drones has incorporated some sort of counter-counter-drone technology into the Revolver! Thanks to for the video.

Revolver also able to carry and drop on target larger sized mortar rounds of 81 mm and 120 mm. size.

Русский берегитесь дрона с подарками. Вы были предупреждены.


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