Wednesday, August 10, 2022


This is coolbert:

"Fishermen found the bomb on the bank of the River Po due to a decrease in water levels caused by drought," Colonel Marco Nasi 

Thanks to the Internet web site the article BY TYLER DURDEN | MONDAY, AUG 08, 2022.

"The Italian Army detonated a World War II bomb uncovered by fishermen on the drought-stricken Po River."

"Army specialists defused the 240 kg (530 pounds) U.S.-manufactured bomb found on Po's river bank near the northern village of Borgo Virgilio, close to the city of Mantua, last week.

Moving an unexploded bomb [UXB] around in that fashion is bad form? Normally the bomb would be left where it was found and blown-to-bits by "controlled explosion" in situ?

See recent previous blog entry a video of a World War Two "Tallboy" bomb detonation many decades after being dropped on a German target.


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